Home of Aero Cream

Myra(Mýra) is an Ancient Lycian town on the Mediterranean shore. Myra`s history dates back to 5th century BC and Roman Empire. Myra is knows as the home town for many civilizations who lived there over thousands of years after Lycians as well as the home of Aero Cream quarry. 

Lycians quarried and shaped the limestone to build houses, theaters and other city buildings. The skirts of the rock hills were carved out to create the famous rock-tombs.

All of the stone structures such as steps and walkways worn over thousands of years, ancient theater and decorative reliefs that Lycians left behind are sources of our creativity and inspiration to quarry the timeless Aero Cream - Cream Ole family limestones. 

Aero Cream - Cream Ole family is reputable with their technical properties in terms of durability, porosity, density around the world and selected for the projects in the toughest conditions, especially for the exterior stone cladding in northern climates.