Elements of Design

25 years of natural stone know-how along with the curiosity for acquiring the best natural stone sources in the world allowed us to complete the architectural projects of top quality.

Our company specializes in providing all of the design and project requirements, and custom natural stone products from its own facilities as well as other reputable workshops and quarries around the globe.

Fireplaces | Columns | Basins | Shower Basis | Textured Surfaces of any shape or size


Advanced technology and skilled craftsmanship work together to solidify both the simplest or most sophisticated 3D stone designs. These may be columns, column and wall caps, arches, frames...


Available in variety of colors, finishes and styles.
Explore our Fireplace Collection


Basins, shower-bases and bathtubs are available in multiple color and shape.

Cut to Size

Any shape or size natural stone pieces in different textures for exterior or interior spaces. CTS can range from standard stair treads to large format exterior cladding panels. Our project team will analyze and develop your project drawings to achieve the highest quality of stone work.

Textured Tiles

Textured tiles are another way of showing creativity in artistic stone craftsmanship. Machine assisted artisans work on each piece of stone and turn the stone into a state of art.

Altura carries some of its textured tiles in stocking program and offers many others from the factory directly upon request. 


Geo Relief Wall Tiles

Gold Travertine

Wall cladding and pool coping in different materials.

Aero Cream

Sandblasted Aero Cream cut to sizes wall panels...

Private Residence

Combination of waterjet cut materials in rustic pattern. 

CNC etched column