Altura Stone and Tile

Crema Ella

Crema Ella is the ultimate select choice light beige ivory tone marble, with superior durability characteristics compared to
the other similar beige marble. Great consistency in color, tonality, and the pattern with it’s crystallized formation.

In-stock Sizes:
Field Tiles: Finish
3" x 6" x 3/8" Honed
3" x 6" x 3/8" Polished
3" x 12" x 3/8" Honed
4" x 4" x 3/8" Honed
6" x 6" x 3/8" Honed
12" x 12" x 3/8"  Honed
12" x 12" x 1/2" Polished
12" x 24" x 1/2"  Honed
12" x 24" x 1/2"  Polished
12" x 24" x 5/8"  Polished
16" x 16" x 1/2" Honed
18" x 18" x 5/8"  Honed
18" x 18" x 5/8"  Polished
24" x 24" x 5/8" Honed
24" x 24" x 5/8" Polished
Coordinating Mosaics & Moldings: Finish
Basketweave  with Afyon White  Polished
Octagon with Afyon White Honed
1" x 2" Polished
2" x 2" Honed
Cornice Honed/Polished
Pencil Honed/Polished
Trecia Honed
Thresholds 4" x 36" x 5/8 Double Beveled Polished

Detailed information on coordinating items are available via their product pages. 

Special Order: Any tile thickness, width and length is available upon request. Textured surface finishing, fireplaces, pool coping and accessories can be custom produced. Please contact your dealership for more details on price, availability and lead time.

Notes: Images shown on our website are indicative of the stone. Stone shade, vein, tone, hue and other features of natural formation may vary. No piece of natural stone is exactly identical to the other. Please make sure to request your sample before purchase.

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