Glacier White Alanur

Also known as 'Bianco Dolomiti', Glacier White Alanur is a sublime white marble with ultra-fine dolomitic structure. It comes with streaks of very light grey. It features a dominant light grey veining, which sets it apart from its sisters, Glacier White Select and Glacier White Extra.

Glacier White tiles are segmented into three categories, such as Glacier White Alanur, Glacier White Select and Glacier White Extra for all 12x12, 18x18, 12x24 sizes. If these sizes are what you're looking for, please visit their associated page. 

All other tiles come under the general Glacier White label. To learn more, please visit Glacier White's product page.


Please click here to view all Glacier White Alanur slabs available in our local stock. 

Images shown on this website are only indicative of the stone. Stone shade, veining, tone and hue as well as other features of natural formation may vary. No piece of natural stone is identical to one another. Please request your sample before purchase.

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